Music? Well, after a few thousand songs, too many instruments to count on both hands, a string of albums, and a lifetime of regular performing... yeah, you should probably find a bit of music here.

Watch The Sky

Watch The Sky (2005) Released by Brad Moore under the pseudonym S.T.P. #827, back in 2005. It came along with a guarantee that everyone will dislike at least one song on the CD. In hindsight, that's pretty accurate - both because the songs are stylistically all over the map, and also because everything was done totally independently by one overachieving guy... who was still learning the fine art of audio production. Fortunately, most people still like most of the songs. Could be worse.

New Developments

The Classical NSA Since the days of Watch The Sky, Brad & the bros have been busy. The original incarnation of the NSA played regularly around eastern Nebraska for several years. In 2010, Brad was fortunate enough to have two songs featured in a movie. The NSA also landed its first new single, 2nd Best Friend, in Rock Band 2. Be warned that it's a tough song. In fact, you know what's depressing? When you perform your own song and Rock Band says you're only 92% the man you used to be. Le sigh.

All of the original NSA members have lately been hard at work. Caleb leads one of the best hard rock bands in the area: A Different Breed - and Dan has been rocking the masses with Adelaide. Duff and Brad have been recording up a storm in Duff's drum-filled living room - quietly conspiring about the next big move.

As far as big moves go, 2011 has now seen Brad move to New Zealand. That's right: a place where real sailing actually happens all the time. It's crazy but it's true.

So, after playing at all kinds of locations in Nebraska, Florida, Iowa, and China - it's time to take this ship to the other half of the world and see what kind of history is made. Brad has invested a lot of time into music over the last few years, gigging/composing/recording/producing huge amounts of solo stuff as well as collaboration with other Nebraska artists - a couple of whom (i.e. E.M.P. (A Different Breed) and Amy Schmidt) you can hear above. The near future could see that investment start to pay off all the way around the world. Yeah, well - stranger things have happened (once or twice).

Philosophy of Music

To put it short: a good song is one that's worth listening to. Anything beyond that is just adding on or taking away. So what does that mean? There will be a long version of this at some point in the near future, but it basically means that you can stop confusing music with so many things that aren't music.

Music is about making a good song - that's all you really want to listen to and that's all any musician should want to create. It seems like everyone is always out to make music focused on anything besides a good song. It's really disgusting how many things they can think of. Maybe it's genre. Maybe it's image and style. Money and marketing. Labels and categories. The artist's hair/clothes/age/drugs/tattoos/religion/gender/ethnicity/whatever. Fashion and trends. Which people will think what about you for listening. Music videos. Mechanical correctness of instrumental technique. Politics. Name-dropping and assocations. Color choice on a CD label. Seriously - they'll try and make it about anything you can possibly imagine besides "Do I like what I'm experiencing right now?"

The music of The Nebraska Sailing Authority is designed to stay true to one simple thing: make a good song. You know, maybe creativity works better when it's not held down by any stupid rules about genres or categories. Maybe music works better when it's made for enjoyment instead of money. Maybe this whole thing works even on a grander scale: maybe enjoying life itself works better if you focus less on making up a bunch of rules or trying to look so impressive... and more on just enjoying truth and beauty all around you.