This was originally a blog entry from - about 3 weeks after flying from Nebraska to New Zealand.

Some Perspective On Travel

February 16th, 2011

So I’ve been saying this since way before I left, but I just keep getting reminded of how true it is: everywhere in the world is fundamentally the same. You can wrap it up differently: violent or peaceful on the surface, rural/urban/suburban, North/South/East/West – but people are what make or break a place, and they are fundamentally the same. Where you do something is only a consequence of who you want to do something with, which is in turn only a consequence of what you want to do… which is ultimately just an expression of why. I think 80% of life is knowing what you want – and 100% of life is knowing why.

Does that make any sense? I guess it’s just really funny how you can meet all these people (from Germany, Isreal, England, Latvia, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, India, Canada, the list goes on) and everyone in the world thinks that their homes are so boring and the rest of the world is so exciting. I’m just glad that they’re all wrong and Nebraska is REALLY the most boring place in the world. (Totally kidding; Nebraska is really an amazing and beautiful place – but the observation says a lot in itself, don’t you think?)

The native Kiwis here in Enzed are so keen to go anywhere but here (at least for awhile before they come back and raise a family) that you can seriously just throw around the term “OE” and everyone will know that you mean “overseas experience”. They really do have an established abbreviation for it – which is more than Nebraska could ever say. Not only that, but this is in New Zealand of all places – a country with a worldwide reputation for stunning beauty and annual tourism of almost half its entire population.

Just a thought: no matter how many Facebook friends you have, most people can only really keep in touch with about 150 other people at any given time. Maybe you think you live in a tiny, provincial, boring little corner of the world. I have some news for you: everywhere is a tiny, provincial, boring little corner of the world – no matter the amount of lightbulbs / tourism / nightlife it might have. The world is a big place with lots of corners, and any 150 people you choose to keep up with are fundamentally the same as the other 7 billion.

Not that it’s not wicked awesome and totally worth it for me to be Down Under right now – I’m just thinking back to a journal entry I made right before I applied for the visa: If you’re looking for life/meaning/significance in adventure and travel, you won’t find it. It’s not found in fame or money or knowledge or sex or power – what makes you think you could find it just by booking a flight somewhere? I’ll go ahead and humbly submit Matthew 10:39 and 16:26 for your consideration. Convenience is less important than wonder. Your bank account is less important than your soul. External status matters far less than internal purpose. Your own comfort is nothing compared to Truth, Beauty, and Love.