Hi, I'm an American Christian who majored in philosophy. Do you hate me yet?

Why Philosophers and Christians Suck

Back in college, I basically stormed through all of the requirements for a philosophy minor. Every semester, it took conscious effort on my part to not sign up for too many classes starting with "PHIL". I actually loved it so much that even after I had graduated, I went back and spent thousands of dollars to get a major in philosophy.

And most people don't get that. Most people are like "Philosophy? Weird." Yeah, I know - it's just a bunch of old guys debating about things that don't matter. They sit around dreaming up big words and trying to sound smarter than everyone else. What a boring waste of time.

That's the problem. More specifically, that stereotype is the problem... and so are all the philosophers who make the stereotype true.

It's a lot like Christianity, actually. At least in America, there's sort of this stereotype of Christians being judgmental, self-righteous idiots. You know - a bunch of old-fashioned hicks who hate fags and love violence. They tend to huddle together in churches singing weird songs and talking in their holy code language. They're afraid of science, but they'll stand on street corners and preach about how everyone is going to Hell. The problem is the stereotype, sure - but the root of the problem is actually all the people who call themselves "Christians" and yet fit that stereotype perfectly.

Here's the thing: Christianity is actually about doing the exact opposite of all of that. If you're really following Christ, then you are diametricaly opposed to judging, hurting, and hating your neighbor. Jesus says "Love God and love your neighbor" and then He turns around and provides you with a better source of love than anything else in this world ever could.

And guess what I'm going to say about philosophy? Yeah - philosophy is actually not about big words at all. It is not supposed to be some impractical study about pointless arguments. Philosophy is actually THE most practical study in the entire world. It is the study of how to be right. About anything and everything. It is a no-holds-barred search for Truth in the grand scheme of things; a study of the Big Picture. The better you understand the big picture of your life in this world, the better you will understand everything else inside of it.

Sure, there is nothing new under the sun - and the human condition sure hasn't changed lately. That means a lot of philosophy is going to take on a historical aspect, but it's only because we're standing on the shoulders of giants. Philosophers shouldn't be trying to sound impressive with a bunch of big, confusing words. They should be using their gifts to help everyone else think with clarity, humility, and accuracy.

Likewise with all the people who call themselves Christians. They shouldn't be puffing themselves up and putting everyone else down. They should be doing just the opposite: lowering themselves and using whatever gifts they've been entrusted with to help everyone else. "He who wishes to exalt himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted."

I think Jesus, being GOD OF ALL SPACE AND TIME, seems like a pretty trustworthy guy. Kind of makes you feel like we should listen when He says this stuff, right?