"Life is war. Do you really want peace?"
~ Dies Irae

On Perfection

People say they want peace
say they want freedom
people want to feel completion

Well, I submit to you this:

Feeling all the blood in your body
form pools as your heart stands still
having beaten its last.
is peace.

Feeling the knife plunge deep
through your chest
your vision fading
as you look at the face of your end.
is freedom.

You want completion?
Laying down your life
that strange way
where we have a will to live
and can come to understand what it means
to let it go.
Leaving this ridiculous carnival
to go dwell in eternal, beautiful, radiant light
the glory that kills and defies
all mortal or temporal understanding.
That is your completion.

Life begets death
and so if death can beget life
the circle is perfect.