Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


just another loser, just another guy
just another backpacker passin' by
everybody follow all of your leaders down to your doom

they say be yourself, say be above the crowd
then they say mellow out and sit down
ah, but I say once you're up then there's no room

yeah, yeah, come as you are
oh horror and dread if you stand out
don't make it hard
don't care if you're the one they're talkin' about
I never bought
what everyone knows
and I ain't no loser
I just got the clothes

gotta' be in fashion, gotta' be chic
gotta' be oh-that-was-so-last-week
everybody follow, nobody thinkin' for themselves

everybody changin', everybody fake
nobody realizin' what's at stake
tell me who will be you if you are someone else?

got a part to play now, come as you are
gotta' idolize your television
don't make it hard
everybody fraught with indecision
I never bought
what everyone knows
and I ain't no wizard
I just got the clothes

and it's all these dark social rules that everyone knows
that I never quite get
I don't care if they think I'm a lightweight
you know I'm gonna' do things my way
don't tell me why it's
politically, socially, incorrect
'cause I'll forget

and they'll never judge you as much as your clothes

gotta' get attention, gotta' stand out
gotta' get the people to talk about you
ain't you just a bit too old for insecure?

but are you any better? are you even good?
maybe it's as if you really could be
say you got your act together, are you sure?

you're only human, come as you are
doncha' gotta' know the social stigma
people are hard
stereotype closed-mind enigma
I know it's stupid
but that how it goes
and we ain't no losers
we wear the right clothes

and our minds are closed