I think every guy has at least one beautiful girl up on some kind of high pedestal in his mind. But she's just a person like you - with shortcomings like yours. Nobody can ever really complete themselves, let alone anyone else. This one's about that.

Second Best Friend

what if I told you that you could have her?
her whole heart right now, tonight
and what if you got all you thought that you wanted
and suddenly bypassed the fight?

and what if I showed you the hidden things?
the lining outside of the world
you drown yourself in her woman's intrigue
will you love her when she's just a girl?

tell Me would you take her?
take her forever?
never forsake her
'cause you know there never
was ever a time

when she wasn't Mine

you search her face for just any small flaw
while you try to avoid her glance
for some sign of imperfection or age
to give hope that you might have a chance

but what if I showed you how this gorgeous idol
was just a poor loser like you?
she's nothing to idolize, nothing to curse
so now tell Me, hey what would you do?

tell Me would you?
would you take her?
tell Me could you?
never forsake her
to the bitter end

be her second best friend