The Nebraska Sailing Authority is a creative entity powered by renaissance man Brad Moore, often with a little help from his (talented and magical) friends. It is not a government body somehow related to terrestrial sailing - although that would be cool. And there's probably a power vacuum there. And your tax dollars have gone to worse things.

Anyway, there's at least one thing (probably more) around this site that you'll really like as soon as you check it out. You should go find it.

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New Release: Jacksonville

A shiny new song! It’s free and it sounds pretty epic, so you should have a listen.

Also turns out that it’s been set loose just before the start of JAX STP 2011. Amazing timing? I think so. Keep it real, Nav kids.

The NSA Reborn

That’s right – we’re back. On the other side of the world, no less. With a brand new website featuring brand new songs. And old songs. And lots of other awesome things, too. Did I mention we’re back?

This new website is still kind of a work in progress, but wow, it’s been a long time coming. We thought it would be best to go ahead and just put the thing live already – and hopefully you won’t even notice whenever we make the inner mechanics of it 30% less cancerous.

The Nebraska Sailing Authority – which started with four dashing young gentlemen from Nebraska (of all places) – is now going worldwide. As a creative entity, the NSA will now hopefully have the freedom to grow, change, expand, and adapt. Maybe there will be some new people involved – maybe even alongside some old familiar faces. Maybe even coming from opposite sides of the world… how crazy is that? All I know is that I’m sick and tired of not making music.

Expect to hear plenty from The NSA in the weeks and months to come – in music as well as other things beyond that. For now, you should definitely check out all this sweet stuff around the new website. We are REBORN (and we have you to thank, Jimmy Tango.) Seriously: good to be back!

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