The Nebraska Sailing Authority is a creative entity powered by renaissance man Brad Moore, often with a little help from his (talented and magical) friends. It is not a government body somehow related to terrestrial sailing - although that would be cool. And there's probably a power vacuum there. And your tax dollars have gone to worse things.

Anyway, there's at least one thing (probably more) around this site that you'll really like as soon as you check it out. You should go find it.

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I Hate To Do This, But:

Things are clicking down here in the Land of the Long White Cloud… all kinds of things involving music and thought and poetry and beauty and other good stuff like that. It’s just that none of them directly involve this website… or at least not yet. So I’m going to honest instead of putting anything through a slow and agonizing sort of apparent death – whether or not that’s actually happening. This website is like a shiny front window with a lot of complicated pieces that still aren’t working quite right. The real business is happening inside the shop, and it deserves more attention than the front window.

As soon as the first corner of this stuff catches fire, you, dear reader of this website, will be among the first to know.