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The Ultimate Soundtrack Post

Hey – it’s Brad again. For those of you who follow me on FB or Twitter (or know me personally at all) – well… then you already know that I not only make huge amounts of music to share with people – I also find huge amounts of it. It’s usually on a post where I just kinda’ list whatever I’ve been hearing lately that I think other people would like.

Except that way has a bit of a drawback to it: you don’t really get to see where I’m coming from in the bigger picture. The latest is rarely the greatest, you know? So here I’m giving you a couple really long lists of AMAZING music: the top 25 most played songs – both 4 and 5 stars – out of my music library (somewhere over 7600 songs) throughout 4 years in the USA and half a year in New Zealand.

Disclaimer: It is what it is. I excluded anything below 1:30 in length (concept albums are the only ones worth listening to as albums – enough said). I had to start fresh and reconstruct the top 70-ish most played songs via XML in the summer of 2008, so there was a pretty sharp drop-off somewhere in there. I also didn’t realize that a song needs to finish entirely to count as “played” until halfway through the first year… and you’ll also see some honorable mentions where I started with a lo-fi MP3 and got a hi-fi version of the same thing later. Aaaand it’s not like I don’t have a few dozen more 5-star songs waiting in the wings that I just haven’t listened to lately.

So do I sound like a music geek yet? (You: “Yeah Brad, you really do.”) Me: Aite, so I’ll take that as a compliment and you can take that as a sign that you’re about to get your world rocked. You’re welcome.

Top 25×2 June 2011