The Nebraska Sailing Authority is a creative entity powered by renaissance man Brad Moore, often with a little help from his (talented and magical) friends. It is not a government body somehow related to terrestrial sailing - although that would be cool. And there's probably a power vacuum there. And your tax dollars have gone to worse things.

Anyway, there's at least one thing (probably more) around this site that you'll really like as soon as you check it out. You should go find it.

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Sweet Purity

The latest from camp NSA: we have a shiny new a capella piece in the works. You know – it’s the only sensible move right after creepy southwestern folk and cinematic classical impressionism. We’ve naturally got to get a bunch of people from all over the world together and just have them sing this awesome song.

So yeah, New Zealand should be seeing a new vocal quintet (or sextet) – among other things – around in the near future. I humbly beseech you, my dear friend, to stick that in your proverbial windpipe and smoke it forthwith – with as much late 80’s production flair as you can muster. Also, look for the action to pick up pace here in the near future. Why is that? Well, musicians tend to be more productive after they get instruments, you know? Especially for the kind of music that just happens not to be a capella demo stuff.