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I Hate To Do This, But:

Things are clicking down here in the Land of the Long White Cloud… all kinds of things involving music and thought and poetry and beauty and other good stuff like that. It’s just that none of them directly involve this website… or at least not yet. So I’m going to honest instead of putting anything […]

The Ultimate Soundtrack Post

Hey – it’s Brad again. For those of you who follow me on FB or Twitter (or know me personally at all) – well… then you already know that I not only make huge amounts of music to share with people – I also find huge amounts of it. It’s usually on a post where […]

Sweet Purity

The latest from camp NSA: we have a shiny new a capella piece in the works. You know – it’s the only sensible move right after creepy southwestern folk and cinematic classical impressionism. We’ve naturally got to get a bunch of people from all over the world together and just have them sing this awesome […]